Hardcore ETC

I have created one design involving the words: ‘Hardcore’, ‘Uptempo’, ‘Frenchcore’, ‘Terror’, ‘Raw’ and another duplicate design by replacing ‘Frenchcore’ with ‘Industrial’.(Above)

I created this simple design by using one of original skull sketches and type tool in Photoshop. I resized the skull and invert the colors so that the black and white colors would switch with one another.(Below)

I did it so that my text that are in white color would appear. By hovering in between my text layer and the image layer, I hold onto the ‘alt’ key so that my text would appear only within the internal boundaries of the image(the skull).

I adjusted the leading of my text before rasterizing it in order to perform the next step.

I use the paint tool(selected black color) to ‘reveal’ some of the white text that are over the white surface. (Below)


And there I have it. Super simple!

Duration: 1 hour
Tools: Photoshop CS6, Laptop, mouse.


Go Hardcore or Go Home

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Just a quick and simple design I’m planning for a hardstyle T-Shirt.

I used a font which allows free commercial use which is professional practice should you decide to sell products with a particular font printed on them.

Next, I wanted a more grungy feel to it and added an overlay of a grungy textures found using Google images with the relevant credits mentioned.

i added two heart beat lines(the zig-zag lines) to the final design. I chose three simple color palettes for my designs.

Duration: 1 hour
Tools: Photoshop CS6, Laptop, mouse.


Hardcore Wasteland


This is a Badass banner on a shirt design by me!


Hard-head skull breathing in menthol vicks gas mask in a desolated world where the most brutal industrial hardcore frequencies, melodies and noises brings the dead to life!–

Using one of my hand-drawn skull with a gas-mask on, I made it as the main focus of the circular banner.

Skull Dude by Andrew Phuah
I used a Dominator festival logo for one part of the gas mask.(Below)


I wanted the banner to have more of a post-apocalyptic dystopia feel and went on to Google Images and searched for many related images.

I found a wallpaper with a post-apocalyptic feel to it as I enclosed the image within the boundaries of the circular banner.(Below)



Next I created 3 circles, the largest circle outline to cover the whole of the banner, the slightly smaller circle outline situated close to the largest circle outline and the smallest circle outline for where my skull will be placed at.

I clicked on the polygonal lasso tool to do some random ‘slices’ of the largest circle outline. For the smallest circle outline, I gave it a thorny appearance which made it a cactus-like wasteland plants feel to it. (Below)


I added in the text using the Shape tool and choosing the “Path” option so that the text would be written on the circular path that I’ve created.

“HARDCORE” for the top portion and “WASTELAND” for the bottom option.


Finally, the banner is missing with an image as the main focus, the Skull with a gas mask on.

Finalized banner without the black bakground(Below)


Duration: 3 hours
Tools: Photoshop CS6, Laptop.

Credits: Dominator Festival Official Logo





Fear is the worst enemy, so get up in the real world!
Tools: Photoshop
Credits: PartyFlock NL for DJ Miss K8’s colored photo

– I edited the original colored photo of Miss K8 to be that of Grayscale, adjusted the exposure, shadow, contrast of the face.

– Font used: Bebas, Size: 12.01pts
, leading of the text to be tighter on top of each other.
– I used a grungy texture wallpaper, crop half of the left, flip it horizontally and pasted it to the right, so both side will look be equal for the effect, because some texts were blurred and almost unseen.