DJ AniMe (Dominator 2017 Edition)


Illustration is based on the outfit worn by Dogfight Records & Hardcore Italian Queen, DJ AniMe(Barbara Palermo) at the hardcore festival, “Dominator 2017 Maze of Martyr“.

For the background, I uses a dark blue wall with an overlay of a maze-like texture that I found on Google images. I used another overlay of a rusty texture to give it a more metallic and dusty look.

I cropped out a random portion of the previous maze texture which was used for the main background of the illustration. I changed the default logo color of white to dark sandy yellow. (Below)



I placed an overlay of maze lines over DJ AniMe’s logo name, which gives it an unique look and as relation to the Maze of Martyr. I made some adjustment to the color until I was happy with how it appeared. (Below)



For the glowing beads on Barbara’s top, I just simply used a whole loads of ellipses of equal sizes and place them on the top. There is usually a auto-snap by default when placing the beads on top or beside each other. (Below)


Duration: 2 days
Tools: Photoshop CS6, Laptop, mouse.

Credits: Google Images(textures used for creating the background), Dominator Festival logo, DJ AniMe logo.


Girls of Hardcore (2017)


This is the combination of three of my previous individual artworks:

Emilie(far left): Gabberina Emilie

Kathy Forst(Center): Hardcore Princess Kathy

Mistortion(far right): Mistortion(Defqon1 Australia 2017 Special Edition) 

I combined all three individual sketches and form a team of hardcore girls.

My sketches.(Below)


And after a few days of almost endless editing, here’s the final piece before I added in a lightning background. (Below)


Description of the Girls of Hardcore (From Left):
Emilie Moens, a Belgian raver girl with cornrow hair is in love with the hardcore styles of dance music. She wears a menthol vicks gas mask and gabber jacket.
Kathy Rene Forst, a dedicated German gabberina who is married to hardcore and uptempo.
Mistortion, also known as Danny Smith, one of the most awesome Australian Hardcore DJ brings the most brutal and badass frequencies to the world!

Duration: 4 days+
Tools: Photoshop CS6, Laptop, mouse.


Mistortion(Defqon1 Australia 2017 Special Edition)


This illustration is based on my friend, the Australian Hardcore DJ, “Mistortion”. I gave her a title: “Mistress of Mayhem. Hardcore Heretics”.

Her outfit and appearance is from her act in Defqon1 Australia 2017 Hardstyle Music Festival. Uncanny! (Below)


I used a sketch I did on her previously, however, it was in an anime/manga sort of style, in which I altered as I wanted to try a different look.

My previous sketch of Mistortion can be found here: Mistortion DQ1 AU 2017

Duration: 18 hours
Tools: Photoshop CS6, Laptop, mouse.




Emilie Moens, a Belgian raver girl with cornrow hair is in love with the hardcore styles of dance music. She wears a menthol vicks gas mask and gabber jacket.

This was the sketch I did prior to editing it on the laptop. (Below)


It was simple sketching it out on paper, but it became really tedious using an optical mouse when editing & cell coloring due to the fact that my graphic drawing tablet and pen is out of order until I can get a hold of a new one.

However, it turned out well and it’s a great artwork, might even be my magnum opus!

Duration: 2 days
Tools: Photoshop, Laptop, mouse.


Hardcore Princess


Kathy Rene Forst is the beautiful and dedicated German Hardcore music lover.

I sketched Kathy in pencil and paper first before transferring them to my laptop for editing. (Below)


My graphic tablet and pen is currently spoilt, thus I spent a few days using only my mouse to create this awesome artwork!

Duration: 3 days
Tools: Photoshop, Laptop, mouse.


Kandi Okami


Kandi Okami is a hardcore girl who fell in love with the hardcore and gabber dance music scene ever since she chanced upon an old CD of Thunderdome original full mix.

She attends as many hardcore raves and events such as Dominator Festival, Airforce Festival, Snakepit event, Exodus event, Masters of Hardcore event, Defqon1 and many more during her free time.

Hardstyle and Hardcore music genre might not be for everyone, but Kandi’s glad to be part of the hardstyle/hardcore family.
Note: I remodeled her from an old drawing of Sooki Tanaka, one of my fictional character creation.

Duration: 3 hours
Tools: Photoshop, Laptop.



Miss K8


Kateryna Kremko a.k.a. DJ Miss K8 is one of my most favorite and number one Hardcore music DJ/Producer.

This is her biography(edited from Facebook)

Kateryna Kremko, more known as DJ Miss K8 is an international hardcore music DJ and producer from Kiev, Ukraine. She has performed all over Europe as well as America and Australia.

Her sets are famous for their raw flavor and a unique drive that has thrilled many dance floors. Bringing the crowd a combination of energetic mixing and powerful performances, she viciously rocks every party.

Some of her tracks that I recently listened to are “Bogota”, “Santiago(with Angerfist)”, “St8ment”, “Icebreaker”, “Magnet”, “Raiders of Rampage(Masters of Hardcore Anthem 2016) & “Breathless”.

My first rough sketch that I rejected and re-drew another piece(Below):


Her outfit was from the Masters of Hardcore: Raiders of Rampage (2016) event with her signature futuristic text logo.

I wasn’t happy with it, thus i re-illustrate a new piece which I also include two other famous mainstream Hardcore DJs, DJ Mad Dog & DJ Angerfist.


This was my first piece when i drew Miss K8 with two other famous Hardcore DJs, Mad Dog & Angerfist respectively.(Above)


However, I wanted to give Miss K8 a solo piece, so i excluded the rest of the two DJ from the final piece. (Above)

These are some of Miss K8 photos in which I used for references for my illustration:




Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS6, Wacom Intuos 5, pencil+paper(Rough initial Sketches)
Duration: 4 hours

Credits: Google Images