Skull Dude

Skull Dude by Andrew Phuah.jpg

Just a mix of a skull wearing a gas mask with the Dominator Festival Logo at the center of the mask.

A nail was added to the top of the skull head to reveal post-fatality it faced when the dude was still breathing.

4 hours
Tools: Pencil, paper, eraser


2 Blokes, 1 Girl and an Ultraviolet stage (Inktober 2017)


Title: 2 Blokes, 1 Girl and an Ultraviolet stage
It is actually for Inktober. I do not know what tattoos Ross (also known as DJ Raw-Machine on the far right) wears so i can’t draw it out..
The drawing is based on the trio’s (From Left: DJ Splinta, DJ Mistortion & DJ Raw-Machine) performance at Defqon1 Australia 2017: “Victory Forever” Hard Dance Music Festival. (See Below)

Duration: 3 hours
Tools: Pencil, paper, eraser


Mistortion (Defqon1 2017)


DJ Mistortion, Aussie DJ who plays Hardcore music at hardstyle/hardcore events such as Hard Island Australia 2017,  Defqon1 Australia(formerly at the Black stage, recently the UV stage), Mutilate Australia, events in Masif Saturdays @ Space club in Sydney, Australia and more!

The outfit above is the one DJ Mistortion wore during her set with DJ Splinta & DJ Raw-Machine at Q-Dance’s Defqon1 Australia 2017: “Victory Forever” hard dance music festival. (See Below)


I met her at her hardstyle studio and managed to take a cool selfie with the Aussie hardcore legend, DJ Mistortion.

dannnnyyssdsg srgs gfw tbesg

One of my favorite Hardcore DJs in the world, and she’s pretty friendly, outgoing and produces badass remixes and both hardstyle and hardcore music!

Duration: 3 hours
Tools: Pencil, paper, eraser


Radical Redemption (Inktober 2017)


Radical Redemption Live @ Art of Dance’s Supremacy 2017

This is actually my first Inktober 2017 Day 1 Entry featuring an adorable ‘chibi’ version hardstyle or rather “Rawstyle” DJ Radical Redemption who is known to many as the “One Man Army”.


DJ Radical Redemption (above)

When on stage, Dutch DJ, Joey van Ingen, will usually wear an armored mechanical costume which follows his concept of an “One Man Army, producing and showcasing his most brutal beats and kicks.

He’s a towering giant for sure, I think he is about 2 metres tall as compared to myself standing at 1.84m tall. (See Below):


Duration: 2 hours
Tools: Pencil, Bristol Paper, eraser, Mangaka Ink Pens

Credits: Google Images of Radical Redemption


Kangaroo Kade


Title: Kangaroo Kade Hardy

Kade is a 2 metres tall Half-Kangaroo, Half-Man and a Full Fledged Raver! He dons a Hardcore Italia Singlet & Minus Militia sports shorts.

Kade is wearing a Defqon1 2017 Victory Forever snapback and spots a Dominator Festival’s logo as his shoulder tattoo.

Duration: 5 hrs
Tools: Pencil, paper, eraser, Mangaka Ink Pens, Tomboy Colored Markers

Credits: Mareike Asmul(shoe design)


Liezel the Hardcore Girl


Inspiration & Reference slightly by the instagram photo of a Swiss-Italian raver girl,  @jenni_matta

Liezel Constanopoulos, Italian-Greek Raver girl who loves the harder styles of sound especially Rawstyle & Hardcore!

Some of her favorite DJs are Andy the Core, D-Fence, Mad Dog, Miss K8, Anime, Dammage, Daymar, Rooler, Mistortion, Radical Redemption, F.Noize, Scarphase, E-Force, Warface, Art of Fighters, etc.

Duration: 4 hrs

Tools: Pencil, paper, eraser
Credits: Nightvisions Logo(Reference)